Kids got H1N1 Vaccines

I took the boys to get their H1N1 vaccine tonight. Craig had to work late so I had to go alone and as usual I wasn't prepared. I stood in line at this huge conference center with hundreds of other people and shuffled through the lines of paperwork and screenings and questions and more screenings.  Poor Danny was hungry and I'd brought his food but forgotten his spoon. I did wonder if I could feed him with a pen but then thought better of it for fear that one of the other parents would publicly humiliate me. I found a little cafe and they had plastic forks so that had to do. 
Jack also had no water or food and was bored. He did all of these things to me and I have ranked them in the most annoying order:
  • Laid on the floor and refused to walk and did the rag doll act when I pulled him up by his arm. 
  • Pulled on the yellow boundary tape
  • Hid behind curtains and chairs
  • Shouted
  • Launched himself off the stroller
  • Rolled his jeans leg up, lifted his trainer-clad foot up and put it in Danny's face
Thankfully, there were dozens of other parents having the same drama and we looked at each other and smiled wearily. I did lots of hissing in Jack's ear too.

The actual vaccination was drama-free. Jack had the mist and did a big sniff like the nurse told him to. Danny cried a bit when he got the injection but just for a few seconds.

So that's it, my kids are vaccinated and it only took an hour and a half. I'm a bit apprehensive about them getting ill over the next couple of weeks but I feel better knowing they have a chance of fighting it off more readily if they get it.  I however feel terrible - tired out and weary. I hope it's just post-traumatic queue syndrome and not the flu!


Clippy Mat said…
oh boy post traumatic queue syndrome. that's funny.
glad you've got it over with tho'.
you deserve a medal mrs.
Emily said…
Did they tell you that they need a booster shot in a month? They told me that and said that they're hoping the pediatricians' offices will have it by then. I hope so, because I don't want to have to go through that again!

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