A Bit of Lancashire Lingo

I called our Jack a daft apeth today and it made me laugh afterwards. As warped as it seems I like the idea of keeping the old Lancashire lingo alive here in the states. No doubt it'll cause some confusion for the boys at school but a rich vocabulary is something I think they should have. Plus, I don't want them visiting England and being stumped when someone is pulling their leg.  I did see that "Ee" ( a popular northern England exclamation) made it into the Oxford English Dictionary, so times are changing!

Here's our Jack, doing his best Ecky Thump impression. He's saying "Ee bah gum", which roughly translates into "well I never!" 
He got his flat cap from here at a posh shop, which is a million miles away from the flat caps of olden times!


Clippy Mat said…
ee. that's in the dictionary? great. we say that a lot an'all. and jack says ee bah gum with an american accent bless him. love his flat cap :-)
mountainear said…
I hope your 'reet' proud of him.

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