If the Finger Fits ....

Jack likes to stick his finger up his nose. A lot. Where a baby will have a pacifier or a toddler may suck on his thumb, our Jack shoves his finger up his nose like it's a thing of comfort. He'll sit on the couch, digit up the nostril, eyes glazed watching Spongebob Squarepants and I think "good lord I'm a terrible mother".

I have tried all kinds of tactics to stop it:

Polite reasoning: Take your finger out please, you'll spread germs
Pleading: PLEASE don't put your finger up your nose
Anger: Get the finger out NOW
Humour: Are you digging for gold?
Threats: If you don't get your finger out, Spongebob's going off
Bargaining: If you stop doing it I'll give you cake
More humour: Your finger will fall off and then where will you be?
And so on

At the zoo this fall I whispered to him "take your finger out of your nose!" and the lady next to me said "but it fits so well!" Maybe that's my solution. I'll make him wear rubber gloves.


Clippy Mat said…
ugh, i know. how to discourage 'em from these 'habits'? maybe give him something in his hands to hold and occupy him at all times?
sorry, best i could come up with.
good luck with that one then.
Jen said…
Maybe he learned it from watching "SpongeBob"! =P

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