Rave Review for Benjamin

Last night we watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which is by far one of the best but saddest films I've seen in a while. I cried a lot towards the end and went to bed with a puffy face. How Brad Pitt looked so old and then so young during the film is a special effects marvel to me.

We used to watch a lot of films but don't seem to have time these days. Once the kids are in bed and actually asleep and we've done laundry, made milk and packed lunches it's 10 pm.  The film we watched was from Netflix as we signed up for a free month but I'm going to cancel it before they start charging the standard $8/month because we've only been able to watch two films in 4 weeks! How sad it that.


Kelsey said…
This is on my list of movies to watch, which means I should get to it sometime before I'm 60. Glad you liked it!
Mommy Daisy said…
We just watched this a few weeks ago! It was so good! Also, Brad Pitt doesn't play Benjamin Button for the whole movie. I was having a hard time thinking it was Brad Pitt in early scenes, so I looked up the movie on IMDB.com. There are several people who play the part for certain scenes. ;) Still, great movie.
Clippy Mat said…
oh-oh i hated that movie. isn't it funny how we can feel so completely differently about some things? i'm hard to please though i have to say. LOL
Pam said…
Hi Kelsey: I know what you mean. There's a big "to do" list in our house too.
Hi MD: I didn't know what was going on - the character was so strange!
Hey there Clippy: I'm a sucker for a sad film!
Emily said…
Yeah, my sister told me to NEVER EVER watch this movie.

We were just talking the other day about how hard it is to watch movies anymore because there just ISN'T two hours of wake time without children. Period. I can't remember the last time we saw one. Sigh.

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