The Dicky Hand Saga

I was in the shower this morning contemplating my hospital appointment for my dicky hand and I thought "I have no idea how to dress!" Years ago when I went for a facial at a local spa shop they made me strip my whole top off and they massaged my neck and upper chest as well. I was mortified and haven't been back since. 

So I was worried they might make me strip naked at the hospital & decided to cover all bases. I am semi-justified in being paranoid because the phone message from the hospital told me the time and place and then cheerfully added "don't wear jewelry, earrings, and no lotion". Earrings? I only have a dicky hand I thought.

Hence, this morning I set about shaving underarms and legs to the point of red chicken skin, scrubbing feet and cutting all toe and finger nails. Finished by wearing clean underwear (best bra used in special occasions) and crisp clothes.

As it turned out I only had to pull my sleeves up while the doctor gave me little electric shocks and stuck acupuncture needles in my arms. Nothing to it really and not a stitch of clothing taken off.  It seems a shame to waste shaved legs in winter so I might wear capris tomorrow if it gets above 50.

By the way - I have carpel tunnel syndrome in my right hand but no surgery needed. I just have to wear my wrist brace in bed, which isn't as erotic as it sounds.


Clippy Mat said…
i think i saw that movie, "the saga of the dicky hand' LOL
glad you got a diagnosis tho'.
and enjoy wearing your capris. :-)
Kelsey said…
That is too funny! I'm glad I am not the only one who doesn't go all out throughout the winter...

I'm also glad you won't need any surgery on your hand.
Pam said…
Hi Clippy, Was too cowardice to wear capris - white legs and all that.
Hi Kelsey, Me too - don't fancy being laid up for two weeks with these two kiddos running rings round me!

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