Matchsticks Anyone?

I need a couple of matchsticks to prop my eyes open and I'd be in bed right now, at 8.30 pm, if Jack the Lad wasn't getting up to his normal bedtime shenanigans. 
Danny is sick & kept me up most of last night. The monitor was right next to my bed but I had it set as low as I could because he only has roll over and my eyes fly open like a ninja. Isn't that motherly instinct amazing? I am like a member of the elite armed forces when it comes to monitoring the kids. Craig on the other hand sleeps through it all. Anyway, at least three times we had a trip to the bathroom to sit in hot steam so he could breathe and there was lots of rocking and cuddling to get him back to sleep.
Today was no better. He's got a 101 temperature and it's been a battle to make him comfortable. I'm convincing myself that I should not have got the H1N1 vaccine for him because it seems like too much of a coincidence that he had the vaccine on Tuesday and got ill on Saturday. 
He was so fed up tonight that I finally got some medicine for him and fired the syringe down his throat. Bad bad mistake that ended up with me getting changed and him getting changed and us having to repeat the bedtime feed. So there you have it. I have the motherly instincts of a ninja but the common sense of a goat.


Emily said…
So he threw up the ibuprofen? I wonder if he just gagged or something? I gave both of my kids ibuprofen for fevers once they were 6 months and it helped a TON. I don't know...might be worth trying one more time?

And don't beat yourself up about the vaccine. I've always heard that you cannot get an illness from the shot because it's dead virus, that it's only a risk with the mist, which is live culture. I'm not a doctor of course, but there's all kinds of crazy stuff going around and I think it's just as likely that he got sick because of everything going around as it is from the shot. But that's just my 2 cents. Hope he starts to get better soon, it's so miserable to have a sick baby.
Clippy Mat said…
saw your FB comment about croup so I'm glad that it's not H1N1 and that the worst has passed.

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