Defending my Castle

It's been a strange day. 

Someone who has a key for our house got their bag stolen which spooked me out and resulted in us changing the locks to the house tonight. We have a feeling the person who stole the bag knows the victim and therefore knows us, so to be safe we got things changed out. It's really disturbing to think that someone out there had a key and could enter our house. It's pretty frightening actually. So our locks are swapped out and all the entry points secured and guns loaded (kidding). I don't mean to sound blase about this whole thing because it has really bothered me.

Maybe I'm getting old and frightened or maybe it's because I have kids but things like this happen to me and I get in family protection overdrive and get on a war path. 20 years ago something like this would have been like water off a ducks back but today I was like Mrs Rambo!

I think we'll be okay. Char and Jan are still here and we have our very vicious dog Cody to protect us. If someone does come in, they'll hopefully trip over Char and Jan's bags, then get licked to death by Cody, Frank will meow at them and that might wake me and Craig up so we can throw cushions at them. 


Clippy Mat said…
oh gawd help the robber that walks into that little lot LOL

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