Relieved of My Pushing Duties

A word that would describe the weather this weekend would be glorious. It reached 70 today and there was a bright blue cloudless sky. 
We spent most of the weekend outside in the garden or at the park but I didn't want to venture too far as Jack's not well. Croup again I think, if the seal bark is anything to go by. He had a low-grade fever last night but seems okay during the day. Every time he hacks I cringe and wish I could make him better. I am down to my last bit of Calpol medicine from England so will need to do some investigation into which Tylenol one is best.

Anyway, the reason for my post is this - I have been made redundant of one of my mummy chores! Jack can now officially swing himself and won't let me anywhere near. "Don't push me momma!" he says indignantly as I creep up to see if I can help him out. I feel proud of him but sad for me and I think that's pretty much how I'm going to cope with his independence through life!

Here's a 30-second video of his latest accomplishment. Oh, and Danny trying to eat grass.


Clippy Mat said…
danny is pretty edible.
hope jack is feeling better :-)
Emily said…
WOW!! Go Jack! Katy's no where close to being able to do that.

Do you guys have plans for the day off Wednesday? Maybe it'll depend on how Jack's feeling, but we're trying to plan something fun.
Pam said…
Hi Clippy: I know what you mean about Danny. Those cheeks are just begging to be nibbled!
Hi Em: YES - let's do something. Jack would love to see Katy. I'm sure he'll be ok by Wednesday. I did wonder about doing a parade - I haven't been to one and feel like we should support the local veterans?

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