My Last 3 Books

False Memory by Dean Koontz took me about 3 months to get through. It was my first Dean Koontz book and I found it a bit scary and unnerving at the beginning and I had to set it down for a couple of weeks and get away from it. I've never had to do that with a book before. The villain in the book hypnotized people and made them destroy themselves and their families, all for his sick pleasure. He was so evil and so lacking in humanity that it bothered me. Eventually I warmed to it and got it finished but I'm not sure I'd read any more of his books. 

Be Brave, Young & Handsome by Leif Enger was great. The main character had written a best selling book about the wild west but then gets writers block. He befriends an old cowboy with a past and they embark on an adventure that is reminiscent of the old times of frontiersmen and gunslingers. I am looking forward to reading his first novel "Peace like a River" next.

Right now I am 3/4 way through A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. On the order recommendation of Clippy Mat, I got the book from the library last week and I have delved into it every chance I get. He is hiking his way through portions of the Appalachian Trail and having a grand old time doing it. Here is his advice on avoiding grizzly attacks ... "Make for a tall tree, since grizzles aren't much for climbing. If a tree is not available, then back off slowly, avoiding direct eye contact. All the books tell you that if the grizzly comes for you, on no account should you run. This is the sort of advice you get from someone who is sitting at a keyboard when he gives it. Take it from me, if you are in an open space with no weapons and a grizzly comes for you, run. You may as well. If nothing else, it will give you something to do with the last seven seconds of your life."  I'm loving the book and hoping I can hike some of the AT myself in the future. I'll also be checking out his other books, especially the one he wrote about England.

My son Jack is also mad on books. For a kid that spends 14 hours a day on manic overdrive, he surprisingly loves to sit with books and try to read and we read several book a day together. I'm so glad about that. Looks like he will be a reader like me. 


Clippy Mat said…
I KNEW YOU WOULD LOVE IT! now I order you to read the rest of his books if you haven't.
you will also love them.
I like the sound of Leif Enger's books. I will add them to my 'to read' list.
Pam said…
Clippy, Order received and taken on board, thank you!

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