Watch out Bambi - I'm Coming!

Last night after a few fizzy ones I agreed that for Craig's 40th I will go hunting with him. The plan is to hunt for two days and sleep overnight in a log cabin with a hot tub. Somewhere in Appalachian Ohio. This would be his perfect birthday. I'm a little apprehensive and if he kills a deer I might just never recover but I'm going to do this for him.

Looking for a cabin we found this:

"The Cabin in the Woods" is one of the most scenic spots to stay on the property. It offers most primitive facilities. It is a one-room + loft structure, reconstructed from a pioneer cabin, and next to a fishing pond with a dock. Gas range and oven, big woodstove, lanterns. Limited running water for cooking. Serviced by an outhouse. No electricity. The boy scouts have said it sleeps ten, but we limit it to four for your comfort. Fire/barbecue pit. Two night minimum; $70 per night; $400 per week.

Craig wants to go. I said NO. I consider myself an outdoor person and will gladly camp and go without a shower for a few days. But I absolutely draw the line at 'outhouse' and "no electricity". Call me spoiled, but at the very least I want a loo that flushes and I want to see the damn thing to make sure there aren't any snakes down there ready to bite my bum!


Clippy Mat said…
have you read Bill Bryson's "A Walk in the Woods"? one of my favourtie books. If not you must read it before you go.
that's an order.
Fredsueand me said…
two words-

mountainear said…
No outhouse gets it crossed off the list. Completely. Could manage without electricity and, probably the hunting.

It'll make for a good blog?

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