Terms of Endearment

Tonight I ordered a beer with dinner and the waitress asked for my ID. I grinned at her and told her I hadn't been ID'd in a couple of years and she'd made my day.  A few minutes later the waiter came over with our food and addressed me as "ma'am".  That pissed on my chips didn't it.

I hate the term ma'am I really do. I find it insulting for some reason. Probably because the person saying it is telling you you're old. Otherwise they'd call you "miss" or nothing at all wouldn't they.

It's not that I object to being given a pet name by friends and even strangers, In fact in England I rarely had a conversation with anyone without some term of endearment tagged on to the end.  Such as:
Me old mucker
and two particular favourites between me and my best friend Sue "Mrs Miggins" and "Betty Swollocks"

I much prefer these terms to the ones I hear here. Dude is ridiculous. Man is too manly. Guys is too cheesy. Jack keep calling me and Craig guys and I have to pull him up and remind him that we are "mummy" and "daddy".  The exception to the rule over here is my friend Lynn, who's from Louisiana.  She calls me "my darlin" in that southern way that makes you swoon.


I think Ma'am is slightly better than Madam though Pam. I do like these friendly meant greetings, like you some more than others. My grand-daughter uses the term "guys" for her soft toys and sometimes her mummy and me! I love it. A x
Clippy Mat said…
aahhh hinny, me owld cock sparrer, that's funny. i also hate being called ma'am. i remember the first time a man called me that i was demoralized. it really makes you feel old.
great post.
Pam said…
Hi Anne, I have to agree - Madam isn't so nice. When Jack call his toys "guys" it is sweet but I'm scared he'll turn into an obnoxious cheeky bugger so I'm constantly on the little guy about respect and manners. I need to lighten up, I really do. XXX
Hi Clippy: The Geordie language is my absolute favourite!

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