Didn't Need my Teeth Anyway

I went shopping to Target tonight. For those in the UK - Target is a superstore that has really nice stuff at a nice price. Not general tat like you get at Wally-Mart. They do however have a $1 section at the front that I could rummage in for hours. 

I saw a couple of things in there this year that made me smile and might just end up in a few friend's Christmas stockings - you have been warned!

I wonder if it causes severe rot & all you teeth fall out, just like the pop?

Smurfs! They're back! Just as crap but just as cute. I wrote to "Jim'll Fix It" when I was a kid to see where they were made. I never made it on the show though. 

For dog lovers that already have a snuggie of their own. 
Now you can get a matching one for Rover.


Clippy Mat said…
you wrote to jim'll fix it? LOL
how the hell did we watch that stuff and think it was entertainment? it makes me cringe. bet you're glad now he didn't fix it for ya! :-)
mountainear said…
$1 stores must b ever-so-slightly better value than £1 stores? Same stuff, same opportunities. Irresistible.
Pam said…
Hi Clippy: I know - yellow hair and a big smelly cigar and yet I loved that guy when I was a kid.

Hello there Mountainear: Oh yes, Winter vanilla hand sanitizer and Hello Kitty post-it notes - that kind of treasure!

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