Skating after 25 Years

I went roller skating this weekend with Jack.  I used to skate weekly as a kid, at the Southport YMCA with my mates Vickie & Mandy. It was a roller disco and we used to be so cool, speed skating and crossing our legs over on the bends. Our long skinny legs squeezed into skin-tight jeans and wearing our bat-wing t shirts. I never mastered backwards skating  and used to look longingly at the cool kids that could do it. It was the same with moon-walking - I never could do that either without looking like I was just shuffling backwards.

Anyway, as I put the skates on, probably for the first time in 25 years, I was just hoping I didn't fall too hard. I honestly didn't care if I made an idiot of myself as I've got to the point in life where I don't care too much about that. But all the way around I kept thinking "don't fall, it'll probably really hurt". I had visions of splintered knee caps or a bruised coxix. Thankfully all I got was burning shins and crikey they were burning! 

Here's a few seconds video proof I did it. My lad Jack is number 33.


Expat mum said…
I tried that a few years ago thinking that I lived in roller skates as a child. I was absolutely useless!

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