Yeahs & Boos

Doc said Danny doesn't have H1N1, he has croup & the worst is over - Yeah!
I have something big coming but am avoiding it with beer and staunch Britishness - Boo!
Danny got his first tooth, bottom left - Yeah!
People are buying Sarah Palin's book - Boo!
Jack came to work with me for an hour today and was brilliant - Yeah!
Jack came to work with me for an hour today and was a little devil - Boo!
I am back on my diet - Yeah!
Jack pushed my tummy tonight at story time and said "big tummy Moma!" - Boo!
Craig made awesome ribs for tea - Yea!
Weather was cold & grey - Boo!
We made a fabulous DVD on my computer that took about 3 days - Yeah!
Computer lost it - Boo! (actually, more than Boo. I wanted to take the stupid F* Mac and wipe the stupid F* look off its face. If you own a Mac you know what I mean. It's really cool until you ask it to do a simple task and then it is a NIGHTMARE that you want to kill stone DEAD)
I am happy - Yeah!
Craig has no bambi yet - Boo (for him, yeah for tree-huggers like me)
My kids are getting healthy - Yeah!
It's Michigan Week - Yeah!
The kid that refused to sing really made my day today. What a superstar! - Yeah

Okay, I think this post is getting cheesy and boring. I'm sat in the basement waiting for the 2nd DVD to burn. If it doesn't burn this time the computer is getting "it".



Clippy Mat said…
not cheesy and boring at all.
always interesting. glad that you are keeping up with the nablowhatsit. good work.

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