Finally, time with my husband

I am sat having a few beers with my husband. We are chatting away, planning his 40th birthday, laughing together and enjoying each others company.  Usually we see to kids, clean house, do laundry and then have a little R&R time before bed. We spend the R&R time on the computer or reading, solitary times that don't bring us closer together but that we both need for sanity. To be honest it's not fun.

I'm loving tonight. It's me and Craig against the world again. We were married 10 years before we had kids and I'm sorry for being cheesy but we have everything in common and we've always been best friends. I just asked him to describe our marriage in one word. He said "me and you rock".  That's 4 isn't it?

Anyway, I agree. 


mountainear said…
Don't apologise, even for apparent Craig's inability to do sums! Getting a man to say anything vaguely romantic has always proved difficult (for me at least) so I should treasure those 4 words.

Enjoy your togetherness.
Emily said…
that's awesome and sweet. you guys are great.
Clippy Mat said…
awww that's nice.
he must be a nice guy.

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